Friday, December 5, 2008


Okay sooo this guy, he's 10+ years my senior, seems koo...and sooo I ask him to check out this textbook for meeh because not only do I not own the class textbook, I no longer own a school ID card either and am not currently interested in spending twelve bucks on a new one when people can just check the stuff out for meeh (but if I knew what I was getting myself into I would've sooo spent the money instead) Sooo this foo checks the book out for meeh and we talk and he's pretty funny (but cusses a lot which I despise) and everyone who's anyone knows that if you can make meeh laugh, I may accidently slip you my heart. Sooo yeah...all good...whatev. Somehow I end up giving this kat my number because he seems kool and I'm always down for meeting new peeps but today he was all suuuper weird: He kept asking me to send him pictures of meeh and for some ridiculous reason he decides to send meeh a picture of his train. ::GASP:: And I'm like " almost broke my phone." And he had the nerve to call meeh a little girl and a preteen just because I threw up instead of drooled at his member. How flippin' disrespectful, yes??? Sooo in sooo many words-we're done...that friendship that almost could, never did and I am sooo okay with that. In less than a day in a half he:
  • Told meeh I needed to gain 10-15lbs (Something about a 3pt system-face, ya know...t & a...I only had one pt supposedly...cry me a river)

  • Said I was too cute (is it the Hello Kitty obsession???)

  • Accused me of lying about my age (" look like a baby"...well Mr. Senior Citizen...compared to you I am a BABY)

  • He said I remind him of Cyndi Lauper (Uh...IDK)

Sooo I didn't know who Cyndi Lauper was...I mean I heard the whole "Time after Time" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (My theme song btw...j/j) but after her remake of "True Colors" I decided to kinda hate her...but despite all that I've never seen her...well, until now...

Okay...I COMPLETELY take back the hating Cyndi Lauper thing...I'm actually low key in love with her random, quirky, unpredictable style which [like o-m-g] is rather reminiscent to mine. I love how that striped cardigan compliments the vintage dress. Loooves it...and the platinum blonde hair just tops it all off! CUUUTE. Ha. Sooo there you have it...the mystery is solved...thanks for the compliment, senior citizen pervy guy...but pleeease, for the love of God (and meeh) keep your train on the track and dismiss any and all thoughts of ever riding through my tunnell; ha-sorry for the train analogies but seriously...iim still reeeling... (Bitten pleather [never leather] jacket, Hello kitty tee, Black skinnies, purple zebra print bandanna, black and white high top Converse, fuschia beaded necklace, Downtown LA aviators, thin black belt, white triangle shaped bracelet from Wet Seal)

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