Friday, November 28, 2008


No turkey indeed..yeesh, although I've been a vegetarian for over a straight year now, it still deeply gets to meeh when I see the abuse that innocent animals are submitted to in order for us to have a meal. I've seen the footage many times but nevertheless, I shudder and shake my head in disgust each and every time. Although I shouldn't press my personal beliefs and values on anyone else (riiight???) I can't help but remind people that the delicious turkey leg they're about to devoure, is the leg of a poor animal that was sliced and diced while still completely alert and awake, free of tranquilizers or even a stun gun. GRRRR...that really grinds my gears...and often times the response I receive is "Not all animals are subjected to the abuse. Hmmm...#1: How do you know that??? And maybe not all, but 80% of them are and who's to say that the turkey Grandma basted wasn't one of the many innocent animals killed alive??? And for what??? Sooo YOU COULD COMMIT THE DEADLY SIN OF GLUTTONY AND FALL INTO A DEEP SLEEP TURKEY COMA, RESTING PEACEFULLY WHILE MILLIONS OF POULTRY ARE CRYING OUT IN PAIN DUE TO YOUR LACK OF COMPASSION???!!!
Sorry, went off on a rage filled tangin for a sec there...heh...lo siento...but in all seriousness, if you knew what these poor animals went through to become leftovers you'd feel meeh.
The truth about Mr. Turkey and friends: For your viewing displeasure
see here for the sad truth
also here
On to happier Thanksgiving news...we went to my grandmother's as usual and it was oookay. Despite the fact that my grandmother failed to make meeh vegetarian stuffing this year. Ah well, please believe I made up for it with the mounds of macaroni atop my plate. I just came back from the gym actually, about half an hour ago. WOW...if you go to 24HourFitness...DO NOT WALK, RUN to Zumba was the most fun, hard, and sexy workout I've ever done in my's basically high (HIGH) energy salsa dancing and the instructor haaaad to be on something because she moved like a maniac...a salsa machine I tell you. I did pretty well...although some of the older, less ample women kicked my butt. least I worked off that macaroni.
The night before Thanksgiving I was glued to my laptop watching The Office i.e: the best comedy on TV...and I had no clue what I was going to wear to Thanksgiving dinner sooo of course I head to Lookbook for some quick inspiratation. Unfotunantly, finding nothing constituting Thanksgiving-at-Grandmas appropiate I looked to my little idol, Mary Kate Olsen and as always with MK, I was inspired...
see here
(Candies sweater dress, Wet seal beret, Downtown LA bought pashmina, thick black tights, silver hole belt, dollar store bangles, Shiek slouch boots, Genesis sunnies, CelebPink shiny pleather bag)

I had been dying to wear this pashmina ever since I bought it last summer in LA...FINALLY and I'm happy with the results...expect to see this puppy again soon...would serve very nicely as a blankie during Art's like the titanic in there...brrr.....

Sadly there was no Black Friday for the ever frugal fashionista today...the recession is kickin' my butt and I'm stuck reinventing oldies...mixing, matching....hmmm...good thing I LOVE a challenge...

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