Sunday, December 7, 2008


I swear I was one of the first people to start the hippie trend (aside from Nicole Riche and Mary Kate Olsen) and now (well actually for awhile now...hee hee) its been EVERYWHERE n I LOOOOVE it. The whole laid back, free spirited, make love not war thing is def. right up my alley....if only it wasn't such a flippin' treeeend... grrr...anwho...good news: the fun is def. not over...look forward to new hippie trends from Miss Sixty and others coming in 2009...cant wait. Maybe now since the whole hippie thing is sooo mainstream you'll all join meeh in being vegetarian??? Si??? Peace should include the animals as well guys...hmph, you should think about that...haha (not really kiddin')Photo Credit: Fashion Daily

I looove the vintage dress on the far left, I wish the belt was brown because the big, black, grunge looking one def. takes away from the femininity and softness of the look or maybe we could've went even a little bit more boheiman, lost the belt altogether and just kept the waist loose and flowy to create more of a shift look for the dress.

Photo Credit: Hippie Chic

I looove the Miss Sixty runway for 2009. The middle look is sooo inspiring and I will def. be acting upon it....and I looove the way the model is rockin' the beanie in the first look...sooo hippie meets grunge and the bellbottoms ::sigh::...okay...I LOOOVE IT ALL...I'll stop now...

(Zizibeh mint green top, retro tie-dye tights/spandex(???)from Wet Seal, Downtown LA fuschia beads, Dowtown LA purple granite bangle, Downtown LA earrings/headband, White MJ flats from Wet Seal)
Sooo naturally I fell in looove with these spandex/tights pants thingies (what is the proper name for these stretchy thingies anyway???) b/c I loooved the colors and the material seemed sooo comfortable. However (grrr) much to my dismay, I bought these puppies in a medium instead of a small and I couldn't even walk at a decent pace without exposing my cheekies...grrr...kinda killed the look for meeh a smidge. Also...upon buying gorgeous younger cousin goes "Oh, I love those, I wish I had the confidence to wear them." I sooo wanted to beat her...wtfun...there is no reason to be inconfident...that goes for everyone. In the words of James Blunt-You're beautiful (its true :) ) And trust meeh long as you know that...everyone else will catch on

I should probably formally apoligize for the sometimes sucky quality of my pictures now...ha... well i'm suuuper busy 98% of the time sooo I try to hurry and snap my fliccs in the AM before I get into my daily hustle/bustle and miss the oppurtunity...sooo most of them are taken in my not so picture esque front it anyway por favor...

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