Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well maybe not as far as old boyfriends, matching denim, and glitter, glitter everything (well I still kinda like that, sshhh)...some oldies should remain old and never again rear their ugly heads...however...these five year old, almost khaki but not quite, almost salmon colored zippered cargos with shackled ankle straps...aahhh i love them...they're sooo comfortable and...slouchy??? Like if I had to I could sooo sleep in them. I love how regular yet detailed they are.
At first glance they appear to be regular cargos and then you take a closer look and're hit with ambiguosly strewn zippers, at least seven diff. pockets and the ankle detailing...::sigh:: if I were a pair of pants, I wouls surely marry these...and to think, my mother (the queen of all that is simple) picked 'em Wet Seal to be exact- the land of all that is trendy. Well actually...may I take this time to kindly stick up for Wet Seal??? Because everyone is always knocking it for it's 'trendyrifficness' but honestly, everyone knows that even the trendiest of items can be turned into the most unpredictable, almost avant garde look with the right complements...and c'mon, Wet Seal has GREAT finds for a GREAT price...Hello shopping spree... Because of the detailing in my pants I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple, but me being me- simple is simply not an option, even when I try. Sooo I decided to take a black, open front blouse, turn it backwards, throw in a strapless bra for good measure and BAM--comfortable/cool and simple...well as simple as I'm gonna get... also...many times I wear tops with high necklines I feel the need to wear my hair up, it adds an extra ounce of interest to the look. If you're shoulders and chest are completely covered, why add extra coverage by putting your hair there too??? If your body is already all covered up, you can't dare cover your face as well Dahling...this isn't Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan now...


M @ Wearfare said...

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- M

Anonymous said...

great shirt, i love the back

and ive added you to my links!