Friday, December 19, 2008


I really, really need to get some headshots done. Upon answering casting calls, fashion show ads etc. I unhappily yet knowingly noticed that headshots were required. How is it possible that in many of my past photoshoots I've taken sooo many full body shots, and just completely disregarded necessary special treatment to my face? My darling friend is supposed to come today sooo we can take some headshots but unfortunately, due to the 'heck-tivity' of the season, this seems unlikely.
Don't get me wrong, Christmas is mi favorito holiday (I even enjoy it more than mi cumpleanos) However, it frustrates me how people become sooo wrapped up in the chores/errands/CHAOS of the season rather than focusing on the important things, the actual reason there is a Christmas in the first place; which is Jesus Christ. Christmas was originally meant to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, his life, he who has given us life. In addition, the reason we exchange gifts on this blessed day is in keeping with the act of the three wise men who bore gifts to God's son at his birth. Christmas is not supposed to be about gifts, overindulging, gluttony, bankruptcy, credit card debt, or crack head esque house cleaning, remember that on this day Christ Jesus was born sooo that we could be born again and have everlasting life with him. I'm not sure about everyone's faith and beliefs and I am not attempting to press mine upon anyone else but I think we can all agree that this fiasco that is Christmas has lost its meaning and has caused us to lose our minds. Jut recently, I realized the truth behind 'x-mas'...previously I presumed it was just an abbreviation for the looongevity of five whole letters extra ::give me a break:: Maybe for some it is, however, it's called CHRISTmas for a reason, how can you just take Christ out of his own holiday? That's like people celebrating your birthday without you: everyone is eating cake and ice cream, opening presents and singing songs but you're just in the corner, no one's even thinking about you...tsk, tsk.
However, as aforementioned, I LOVE Christmas. I love how everyone is sooo nice and cheerful. Even the old man who stands in front of the Shell station, muttering obscenities under his breath everyday, greets you with a smile, simply because it's that time of year! A lot of fellow fashionistas have made a Christmas wishlist of all the fabulousities their chic hearts desire this year. However, while there are many treasures I hope to acquire these and definitely a few of these (can't decide which ones, maybe this one esp. because it's so risque, and not something I'd usually wear and my boyfriend would diiiiiie of joy...

I must thank many chicks with fashion blogs for introducing me to American Apparrel...previously I was unaware of it's beauty and wonder and now I'm in serious lust and in need of everything it posesses.

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