Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last 2008 Post/Bag Lady

I've been working on my Spanish. My orginal goal was to have the language down pact before the year came to an end. However, since I'm faced with less than three hours until the new year, that's a resolution that'll unfortunately have to continue on down to 2009, I have learned a lot already though thanks to amazing friends, profusely working in customer service, Rosetta Stone, and oh so dramatic yet addictive novuelas- mi espanol will be peeeeerfecto in no time ;)I should do a New Years post, regarding my resolutions and such (like posting everyday, giving up junk food,l and learning to use my sewing machine before the end of next month, among much other things) But I'm hanging with mi familia, Triple Black berry Smirnoff is calling my name and I'll get to that next year (heh, being able to use that)Photobucket
Photobucket(vintage senorita dress, acid wash jean jacket by dear, cream high top chuck taylors, wet seal bag)

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Sorry DD your link is now posted!;) Love the pose, you look adorable!