Friday, December 12, 2008


Lately, due to the stress of Finals week, all I've had the desire to do is curl up with a good book and nestle under the covers with my pup. However, since that's not an option, my best bet was to try and create an outfit that was as 'in-bed' comfy as possible while leaving the slippers and flannel at home.
I've seen cheetah print tights worn sooo many different ways, most commonly with long tees, flats and overteased hair= 'emo' look. However, I knew their value exceeded much more than an alternative to leggings thrown into a trendy esque, attempt at rebellious style. Instead, I was delighted to see that this outfit I thought up in church the other day (go figure) worked perfectly as a comfortable, unrestricting collabo, sprinkled with a little bit of funk via the cheetah print tights. All day I was overcome with the desire to sit indian style in all of my seats...::sigh:: I could use a nap...In other news, bad news to be exact- I decided to curl my hair, all over- thought it would be sooo cute and add a playful feel to my look. However, the evil bipolar weather of Southern Cali had a different agenda: The first day in weeks I actually decide to take the time and style my hair to perfection, my curls were gone with the wind the instant I stepped out the door.
On a lighter note, this mixture of brown, deep red, and cream had me feeling very Fall; what a calming color pallete for such a beautiful, relaxing season, yes?

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