Thursday, November 21, 2013


You know how everyone gets all obsessed with a trend and you immediately hate it because you see it so much it's in your nightmares? Six months later the trend is super irrelevant, and now, minus all the noise and fanfare you're free to explore it sans the rest of the entire city and at half the price. Yeah, that's pretty much how things went down with peplum and I. I was seeing it at offices during the day, on mommies in midday, and then at dinner or a club at night. It was kind of gross.

This pleather/collared top was the perfect piece for me to finally peep the whole peplum thing. The edgy pleather material juxtaposed with a doll sweet collar and flared midriff was so dead on to my love for grunged up girly looks. Also, Forever 21 was doing that whole extra fifty percent off in the sale section thing and this piece ended up only being nine dollars. And guess what, I got these cotton floral shorts back from Miley Cyrus's line with Max Azria; that makes me laugh now.

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