Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fame 'n Fashion

Sometimes you don't have to go shopping to wear a new outfit. Creating a fresh ensemble can be as simple as a bright pair of pants landing next to a cool graphic tee in the midst of actually trying to find something to wear; and suddenly realizing how good these two pieces look together.

The fun of fashion, er, personal style (what exactly is the difference again?) is that in its most authentic sense, it is a garment gilded potion concocted exclusively by the wearer. True style is creating a no-rules-barred look that needs no validation or explanation. It is simply a statement about the wearer made by the wearer; that no trend-of-the-moment can harness.

This oversized "Fame is Boring" tee is from Forever 21. I loved it the moment I saw it because I agree so earnestly with its statement. While fame may not appear boring to the everyday person, having any sense of a personal life eradicated from you in exchange for money gets pretty dry after a while I'm sure.

And much like the other 97% of my wardrobe, this tee eventually went on clearance, which led to audible excitement on my part. I guess not many people agreed with its statement, though I really wish they did because I think it'd make life a better, less trash filled place.

Oh and these red-hot animal print pants are from Rave; a shop that went through a billion different names and ownerships so I'm not sure what it's actually called now. Of course I slashed up the front of them for that distressed look which I personally like best layered over fishnets.

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