Thursday, February 7, 2013

Edgy Excerpts

I don't know why I'm so attracted to grunge, I think it might be the effortlessness. Style is supposed to be easy, right? Well minus the heels and super mini skirts and all that other stuff that looks amazing but kinda sucks three hours in.

Maybe grunge is a hasty generalization though. Carefree, comfy, easy, and edgy are really the adjectives I'm eluding to.

So this is an excerpt of some of the ideas and muses floating around in my head as of late. Also, even though they're not pictured here, I'm still super keen on overalls, they're nostalgic and can be styled all kinds of ways, seriously; I'll show you sometime.

 photo 2vikxp5.jpg
 photo 82212MB7213Web.jpg photo IMG_2318.jpg photo hkbp.jpg photo 261912534549328621_0Cb3DXV6_c.jpg photo 184084703488796386_TVb2eBV6_c.jpg photo 65865213270373399_VAjVp8ln_c.jpg photo 20126421101573.jpg photo 1674647_dsq.jpg photo 121712AC5490Web.jpg photo 100112Hem7407Web.jpg photo 92512Longdress2281Web.jpg photo 82912Manny7318Web1.jpg photo 7579-luz-pavon-by-hanneli-mustaparta-783x521.jpg

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