Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daisies and the Dark

These photos were taken about two months ago, right before the city temperatures plunged into the 50 degree and under category and before my legs were at risk of icicle transformation. My favorite thing about this lace dress is the frayed hemlines, they add a little edge to an otherwise extremely feminine piece. Rarely feeling comfortable in very pretty looks, I was relieved that my boots manged to give things a nice balance. The best piece though, is this waffle stitch faux leather jacket! With it's subtle yet regal shoulder padding, the black lace and chains, I'm convinced this jacket was made especially for me and had been stealthily planted in my midst for purchase. However, I almost didn't get it because when the cashier told me it was on sale for only ten bucks, I almost died right there in the store.


(everything f21)