Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saaay Chic

Fashion and photography have always gone hand in hand, it may even be safe to say that you can't have one without the other; well I suppose you can, it just wouldn't be as chic; enter in the Forever 21 photobooth. Being that my boss throws any exclusively fashion based project or promotion my way, I'm in charge of the new Forever 21 Photobooth in my area; and as much as I sometimes despise being randomly whored around the store as the mascot whenever it's time to wear promotional items or the fashion consultant, or in-house personal shopper whenever customers need advice; I must admit this new F21 photobooth thing is actually pretty cool.


Here's how it works:

I should've snapped a photo of it but it looks just like a standard photobooth, aside from having F21's signature yellow and black coloring and red lip color laden models plastered all over it.

  • The booth allows you to take four shots and it prints out two photostrips.
  • The photobooth also prompts you to create a 30 second video on why you love Forever 21, your favorite trends, or pretty much anything your fashion frenzied little heart desires.
  • Once the photostrips print out, there is a code at the bottom that allows you to access both your photo/video online and post them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Then you enter your video into a monthly 210$ F21 shopping spree competition, and winners are chosen based on the quality of the submitted video.


Surprisingly, many girls are really timid and self conscious when it comes to seeing themselves on film. As cool as the Forever 21 Photobooth seems to me, I'm often met with variances of "No, I look like crap" or "By myself? Oh no, I can't!" Hmm..I guess daily bouts of posing awkwardly in random places to get outfit shots for this blog has really deadened the whole "Oh my gosh, I look like a monster on camera" thing for me.

Is there a Forever 21 photo booth at the store in your area? I' love to see some videos! Try not to judge mine too harshly, like this one and especially the one of me solo here where my voice is unexplainably, super annoyingly five octaves higher than normal.

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stylifiq said...

sadly no f21 photobooths anywhere near where I live. You look like you are having fun