Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'll Look at the Sun and I'll Look in the Mirror

"Leather shorts are for whores"

"Can I wear leather shorts without looking like a hooker?"

"I would soo buy those leather shorts but I could never pull them off."

..Just a few of the comments I overheard as I browsed my favorite section of Forever 21, spotting faux leather pieces that caused an overpowering emotional combination of shock and joy. As I combed through the sale section's (yep, that's my favorite section) many racks, I let out an audible gasp when I spotted the perfect little, wannabe leather shorts. Whether I could pull them off or not never really crossed my mind; the way I see it, all it takes to pull off any look is confidence, even if it is an itty bitty pair of leather shorts.

Should I profusely apologize for the rather poor quality of these photos? They were randomly shot in a dim lit parking lot which do these great fitting, comfy feeling favorites no justice. However, don't trip Chocolate Chip, I love these babys, and I'll be wearing them a whole lot, probably too much.


(tank/shorts/shoes f21; jacket/sunnies vintage)


Bobs. said...

wooow, I love your glasses :D

Damsels said...

some people jsut lack the confidence to wear certain things.. they are better of experimenting with what they are comfortable.. these look great on you

Miss Woody said...

love your style !

duckalicious said...

people are so stupid and prejudiced. you styled them A+!

Emma said...

thats so funny you posted this because im currently wearing faux leathe shorts!

The F Word Online said...

great outfit girl ! love the vintage sunnies

xx lue

Emma Louise said...

ha, my bf suggested I get a pair and my instant reaction was 'i dont think i could pull them off'
They look super on you.