Thursday, November 5, 2009

Girly Pieces

The other day I was talking to my brother about how stylistically boring he must have it as a boy: Monday, hmm, I think I'll wear pants, oh Tuesday, what do you know, pants again!" Aaah, I would die! Thank God women have it soo much more various and interesting, being able to don a Tomboy look one day and easily transcend into elegant, fair lady the next!

My favorite girly piece aside from leggings is definitely the dress. Dresses add an effortless femininity to one's look. The fact that the dress covers the whole body, it allows creativity to run wild as you translate the piece to your personal desire; styling it with shredded tights for a gorgeous grunge look, or rocking floral ones instead to expand on the dress's feminine statement. I paired this dress with chocolate brown cowboy boots to allow the dress to be the main focus, while complementing it with shoes that emulate the same theme.

I love this red and white Spanish vintage dress so much! When I spotted it while scouring Downtown LA, I immediately envisioned the love story of a young Latin girl awaiting her handsome fiance's return so that they may flee together from their home country to acquire a more opportunistic life.

I love how the vertical stripes of the dress's waist seem to create a slimming effect and bring a more detailed, unique design to the piece.


(dress- vintage, boots- claires botique, earrings-dollar store ;) )


roxane said...

thx for the comment haha. ur blog is pretty sweet, nice images and vintage pieces!

Stjarna said...

Lovely red dress! ;)

coralie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Yours is really fun, I love your taste for dresses and skirts.
You're right, it's really a chance to be a girl to wear a lot of different clothes!
Coralie from Paris

the blabbers said...

thx for coming by! ur vintage dress looks so good!
stay tuned at

the blabbers!

Eva Silviana said...

Nice boots :)) Nice Dress! By the way thanks for dropping by on my blog :) Just give another comment iin another post iif you want. Thanks :)

KAELA said...

I love your hair! So unique. x

kpeach said...

v pretty vintage-y look xo

Bella said...

Okay, I'm thinking this dress was made for you... and it's beyond stellar with those wicked cool boots! Aaahhh, amazing combination.

You look fantastic! Always do.


Lori said...

i love the vintage dress it looks great on you!

daisychain said...

that dress is perfection on you

Juliet said...

I love how you combinen the sweet dress with such a HC look. Makes the look so much more interesting!

juliet xxx

Stacy said...

love the stripes and the super deep v! the colour looks gorgeous on you

and im glad to know im not the only one who creates stories for my clothes

Heather said...

Hi Dannie, thanks for your commnent!
I'm loving your blue nail polish, it looks radical against your skin <3

MizzJ said...

I really like the story behind this outfit! The color looks good on you, so summery.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

LOVE the dress and your bright blue nails!

ANN said...

I love your dress, so pretty

Le Journal de Chrys said...

I LOVE ! ! ! !
I LOVE ! ! ! !
I LOVE ! ! ! !

michelle_ said...

you're a very skilled writer did you know that ? i totally enjoyed reading the whole paragraphs you wrote . it's like reading a great personal novel :)

and you're right that we women have the versatility to dress in many ways ! but that's kinda a negative cus we have to keep spending money on new clothes as well . hahha.

anyway, love ur floral dress to the max ! the tought meets girly look is well achieved here .

im following ur blog .
mind to follow mine ? :)

Anonymous said...

i think the same thing! must be so boring to dress as a guy

ediot said...

W.O.WW girl. you look amazing. love the dress the pictures- and your hair is FIERCE! greatness!

Hanako66 said...

that dress is amazing...great vintage find!