Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remember the Time

Happy Birthday to the King of Pop and greatest performer that EVER lived! May your memory and masterpieces live on, continuing to instill joy, passion, faith, and fun in our everyday lives. Thank you for being such an inspiration lyrically, physically, and fashionably..your influence lives on forever.


I looove this, esp. the gold pants and the fedora, they're perfect understated compliments. In addition, Michael Jackson was the original military jacket rocker, before Balmain even thought of it.



I looove how the combination of the Balmain military jacket and Rihanna's hair clearly appears to be a MJ inspired look.

D&G Fall '09/Rihanna rockin' it at "Model as Muse" gala...sooo Billy Jean reminescent, no?Photobucket

My mum got me a suuuper bangin' MJ shirt that I will dutifully and honorably be wearing in celebration of his 51st birthday! I'd like to pair the look with glitter blasted dark denim pants, however, I'm not too eager to pull out the dark denim just yet, summer is still here! I'm also thinking of pinning the MJ buttons on a vest..


Fashion&Such said...

I love MJ!!!
& Rihanna wears clothes inspired by him nicely.

agatiszka said...

Who doesn't love MJ? But I also love your haircut!

Audrey Leighton said...

love this post!
adore, adore, adore
happybday MJ + RIP!


ultimate fashion junkie. said...

i love mj inspired clothes.
happy birthday mj!

The Queen of Hearts said...

There will never be another quite like him.

M.rolez said...

I really like your blog !!! so nice !


Michelle Yue said...

ah rihanna looks so good in that jacket. :P

natasha's view said...

lovely post!

Thanks for your sweet comment.


Morning Glory said...

Oooo, I love this post. What a nice tribute. It's so funny that I have BOTH of those MJ pins. I've been holding on to them since I was 4 years old.


is amazing!!

i love!!!!!!

a kiss.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love Michael and Rihanna!

Lucyinthesky said...

thanks for your comment!! do you speak spanish? wow!! I love the Jackson T-shirt!

I hope see you soon In my blog!


Anonymous said...

rihanna looks great <3

Monika P. said...

MJ inspired items are great, love them too:)

kirstyb said...

love those first three pics xxxx

thesydneygirl said...

such a wonderful post in memory of the legend michael jackson :) your mums tee will be awesome for you to rock. wish i had one like that! xxx

Damsels said...

..RIP michael... how sad all ove r again ..
but thanks for the comment my dear!