Thursday, July 16, 2009

she has 'it'

Sooo just incase you were previously unaware, I absolutely adore Edie Sedgwick! She is such a huge (HUGE!) inspiration, I just die everytime I watch Factory Girl! Perching at the end of my seat, ballpoint pen and composition book in hand; Edie never fails to excite me! Whether it be her impecabble, unique, and effortlessly amazing sense of style (esp. the ridiculously oversized, fabulously gawdy earrings), her perfect pixie cut, or her vivacious, free spirited, enjoy life attitude- Edie Sedgwick is my muse! Now, I of course adore and admire the queen of chic and class, Audrey Heburn, but to keep it 100, I'm sadly just not that classy and proper. I relate much more to Edie becase, much like me, she's a free spirted, quirky, and eccentric life lover! She says whatever she wants, does whatever she wants and it's beautiful because she's real and lives life on her own terms! Definitely my kind of girl! Oh and speaking of my kind of girl- why the eff wasn't Mary Kate Olsen's part in Factory Girl longer than three seconds? She too, causes my heart to palpitate!

P.S- OhmygahOhmygahOhmygah: Did you know that Edie was Betsey Johnson's first ever fitting model? My favorite designer in the whole world, Betsey Johnson! That's it, I'm convinced Edie and I are destiny, consider my life complete! Or at least expect biggo bangin' ear adornments, and mucho mini shift dresses.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket(sunnies-downtown, earrings- random, striped top- wet seal, shiny spandex pants- rave, shiny red flats- hot topic, clutch- wal mart)Photobucket


DaisyChain said...

Love Edie and love your style.

Bella said...

This is sooo HOT... I love the red flair! xxx

Anonymous said...

edie is one of my favssss

thesydneygirl said...

you actually remind me of edie in this post! fun loving and stylish.


ARANXA. said...

i love your hair!!
and that's a cute shirt

Damsels said...

ohmigod !!! love it ... shes my darling as well .although i fear i would look so unchic with her haircut
you sure dont

love !!

Taryn Andre said...

ugh! dammit, this post reminds me that I have to finish watching factory girl..been so busy that i forgot all about it.

Michelle Yue said...

edie is magical!

Monika said...

love your outfit :)

Anonymous said...

edie would be proud!! this is a great look on you!

M @ Wearfare said...

The clutch = AMAZING

i love it!

J. said...

Wow, I love your flats!

The Fashion Bloggess said...

love that cute outfit!
love your blog!

Jowy said...

U r truly beautiful! that look is RAD!

one love,

ryder said...

i like taht piece earings more

as always, you combined a great summer look.

Libby said...

Love Edie, her smile is brilliant! And i love your nautical look!

Velo said...

cool tee and cute shoes... =D
nice to know your blog!

[LA] said...



Nika said...

you are simply fabulous!

Isa said...

oh, I´m obsessed with edie!
I think factory girl was such a great movie, it really did her justice and sienna miller was amazing in it.

you are clearly inpired by edie with this look, it´s perfect!
and I´m not saying this in a copy cat way, it´s just clear how she inspires you, which is a good thing and basically what art is about.

Isa said...

sorry, spelling check:

thesydneygirl said...

thank you beautiful! mwa

C.Chico said...

lovin the color of your clutch and flats girl!

Merily said...

I love those red flats, they look amazing on you.


You are so fabulous!
Amazing red ads!

I do love Sienna too!

Kisses and hugs!

See you!

Precious said...

i'm so obsessed with Edie Sedwick too!! She was so gorgeous and such an amazing inspiration. Factory Girl is one of my favorite movies and Sienna Miller did and awesome job too.

great blog