Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bad news hare

Did you know that slaughterhouses tie up the baby calf's limbs from birth to prevent it from moving, in order to keep the meat tender? That's how Fillet Mignon is made. Also, were you aware that gelatin is made from animal bone marrow/hooves? That includes skittles, sour punch, and even those bomb jello shots that leave you happily wasted at parties. I've been a vegetarian for three years now, and although I try my hardest not to press my views onto anyone else, I think it's important to know how (gruesomely) the food you consume is produced; see for yourself. that I've successfully rained on everyone's parade (sorry, just keeping it 100) I'll move on. When I first saw this tank at Forever 21, it immediately made me think of vegetarianism; the neutral color and the large animal graphic loudly stated "Support Us!" Sooo I did :) In addition, I am in love with my new pants, how cool are pants when they're harem on top and skinny legged at the bottom? They're sooo roomy and comfortable, I'm pretty sure I'd wear them on a long plane flight or to shake my bon bon in Zumba.


Look, can you see the two different bunny rabbit faces?


(top- shibuya for f21, pants- f21, shoes- soda, sunnies-f21, earrings-random)


Shini said...

Rockiiin those shoes, love the toughness paired with the bunny. I think animals (aka meat) are blessings from God for us, but I absolutely despise how animals are treated to produce the food that we were perfectly fine with if they were treated well.

Bella said...

Absolutely love this... the tank is perfect! xx

Joelyne said...

that top looks great on u! x