Thursday, May 14, 2009

Street Geek

Sometimes I'm a little too loud. Somedays I wear Chuck Taylors with dresses. Everyday I wear two different earrings. With jeans I tend to wear my belt backward. There are times that when completely sober, I have trouble walking in a straight line.
Does that qualify meeh as a geek???

What is a geek to you???


Photobucket(sweater-steve n barrys, button down- rave, pants-dickies, glasses- chinatown)

Michael Cera is the best geek ever. I'd overfill his mailbox with a bunch of orange tic-tacs any day.



Anonymous said...

i love this! your glasses are so cute

Nika said...

the glasses and the pearls are great, love the look, so pulled together

Hanako66 said...

love this...those glasses are awesome!

Virginia said...

Nice post!! Dickies work pants are just fantastic and more comfortable...