Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad Girl

Sooo I officially suck. I haven't blogged in an age and a half and I am sooo sorry, I promise it will never happen again, like not even once (for realz, lol). School and work have really been doing a number on me lately; that combined with the gym leaves no time for blogging and frankly makes Dannie a pretty dull girl...
Sadly I come bearing bad news: I have, for the past month or so been virtually camera-less, pause for depressing moment of silence; and I haven't been able to document my outfits for about two straight weeks now. During moments of serious desperation, such as the days of LA Fashion week (!!!) I was left with no other choice but to attempt to vlog an outfit post; unfortunately due to poor lighting and my giraffe like height, it wasn't the ideal beauty I had in my head...but hey, the outfit was pretty cool sooo we're going with it.
Until further notice (a.k.a-getting a new camera/cameraman, and getting a tripod that will hold onto my camera instead of allowing it to come crashing onto the ground and endure an untimely, earth shattering death) I wil be posting many looks that may be up to a few months old, please bear with me, I am one of the hugest procrastinators one will ever come in contact with, don't judge me...on a much needed positive note- this will give me a chance to catch up ;)

Black blazer- Worthington
Oversized neon green polo- Thrift store
Belt- Vintage
Neon pink hose- Fashion District botique
Black boots- Shiek

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