Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grease Lightning

As aforementioned in previous postings, I'm unfailingly overcome with the urge to dress myself in era inspired attire when taking trips to my current favorite city in the world (LA duh). I believe it may be the creative, galvanizing, individualistic culture and atmosphere that causes me to have an even stronger desire than usual to dress daringly and eccentric. Being that I've yet to visit San Francisco or New York, I have a feeling LA may very well be replaced in time as mi favorito place; but for now, it is the city equivalent of a TopShop shopping spree; in land form.
(jacket-Bitten by SJP, polka dot top-vintage, scarf-wal mart, sunnies-downtown, vintage dress, tights-target, socks-h&m, shoes-chuck taylors)
Who doesn't love Grease? Aside from the ridiculously cute storyline, the cheesy yet enticing dance moves, and the catchy soundtrack (which is proudly featured on the IPOD, adhering me in moments of Hopeless Devotedness and selective Summer Nights;D)- the style never fails to inspire me over and over again with each viewing. In high school, my friends and I became obsessed with Grease and began shamelessly wearing vintage, rockabilly inspired garb and pompadours; influencing me to purchase a 60's reminiscent v-neck halter dress for prom (which is what I'm rocking in the picture). As cheesy it seems now- we started a trend, all of the personal style lacking dwellers of this valley hopped into our Grease tribute craze with both feet- which immediately transformed it into a mindless trend that people who hadn't even seen the movie attempted to imitate on a daily basis. Needless to say, by the end of the second week everyone was doing it...except for us.

Of course I had to add a Hello Kitty barette for good measure, I just wish my dress was a little more tulle-ish...it wasn't voluminous enough for my preference.


Elisa said...

Looking fabulous!! I really like your outfit, especially those chuck taylors.

Cheryl! said...

Hecka cute!!! I feel the same way when I go out too, though I don't have the resources to go quite as far as you do :P It's an excuse to be crazy!

Anonymous said...

so cute! i love 50's style