Saturday, January 17, 2009

All the pretty flowers

Teen Vogue never fails to inspire me, even though I've sadly left my teens behind (boy, those were the years ;)) I can't get enough of the mag- it' so real, hip, and I love their street style features. Upon looking through some of my old issues I remembered being inspired by Amanda Seyfried's shoot in their August issue, the florals mixed in with a little punk edge was so genius and romantic it made me want to frolick through a field with a rock n roller...

(pc: teen vogue august 2008)
I'm kind of crushing on lace and florals right now, maybe it's because fashion week's got meeh excited for spring or maybe it's because V-Day is just aroiund the corner; either way, soft clothes, especially ones adorned with feminine texture give me the warm and fuzzies. I bought this dress quite some time ago and I've always loved the light, airy feel of it. In addition, I've been feeling the whole socks with boots look and I've been meaning to try it for a long time, finally did...

Prarie Companion???
(beret-forever 21, floral scarf-wet seal, biker jacket-bitten by sjp, lace button down-rave, dress-miss bisou, tights-fashion district, knee highs-wet seal, hobo boots-wet seal)
(photo showing detail of black button down/floral scarf)

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