Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Found Love

So, time travel back to late summer/early fall when I wore this jean dress that my brother swears is a mumu. It's not, right?

I got this dress at Thrift Town when I lived in San Francisco. It instantly reminded me of Rihanna via We Found Love, and that being one of my all time favorite videos, this find was truly love indeed. 

I have this affinity for kind of grungy, diamond in the rough kind of pieces that most people don't see the beauty in, which is why I really love thrift shopping. It's the perfect combination of treasure chest and treasure hunt. I knew from the soft wash denim and loose fit that this dress would be easy to wear and could go from plain to bang with just a few additions.

These platform low tops are so essential; even now, post summer,  they look great with leggings and a comfy sweater/hoodie. Low top shoes make your legs look longer too. I'm not in the market for that, being 5'9, but extra height can be fun, especially in the form of comfy sneakers.

My friend said I looked so "thug life" this day, haha. Mixing soft and hard is definitely a part of my personal style, and it's fun taking something like a dress and making it look as tough/sturdy as a pair of jeans.
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Unknown said...

You look so cute! Love the look!!!