Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Since moving to San Francisco my style has begun to include little hints of bohemian here and there, though there may have been sprinklings even before. I've always been a creature of comfort, which is why I'm not really a heel rocker unless the occasion calls for it, well that and because I'm already 5'9 so the whole casual stiletto look never appears very casual on me as it bolts me up to about 6 feet tall or so. I might be turning over a new leaf or something though because these shoes online are kind of calling my name rather loudly, good thing Santa is on the way.

This look just kind of came out of nowhere when I was looking through my overpacked suitcase earlier this fall during a mini vacay back home. I kinda blow at packing so my whole thing now is just to choose pieces that attract my eye and worry about actually styling it later. I've had this HK tee for a decade or so now, I cut it up because I wanted to add more life to such a cool piece, I love how it says "Hello Kitty is my Homegirl" because if you've even glanced at this blog you're aware that that's actually kind of an understatement. This maxi skirt is actually a maxi dress from Heritage at Forever 21, it's so cool and hippie vibe without trying too hard, just chill and naturally cool (like me, riiight). Oh and the whole flannel around the waist thing is my fave personal trend right now, mostly because San Fran weather is shady and unpredictable but then also because it looks cool and all shout out to the 90's ish.

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