Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That Chick from the H&M ads

..is how I began my search on the beyond awesome inspiration who I now know is Freja Beha [Erichson]. I didn't even know her name or if I'd ever seen her previous work, but I couldn't shake the surge of inspiration and energy I got every time I passed one of her posters or billboards Downtown. Compelled to take notes, her naturally cool aesthetic whirled my mind with inspiration. The perfectly pronounced high cheekbones, the effortless edge that exudes bohemian bad girl, and her free flowing wavy locks..she alone made me want to shop at H&M. It is safe to say she is my current favorite model and definite Spring inspiration.
oh yea, raquel zimmerman is pretty cute too..I like her hair
[photo cred: h&m]


galatea. said...

im in loove with her haircut and random lil' tats xx

Damsels said...

i know what you mena i had a freja moment lat last year and spent hours googling her

Margaret said...

aww Freja is stunning ! <3

pau said...

love the shorts! totally following you please follow me back!


Dilan Dilir said...

great blog :D

Amber said...

she is such a great model!

Anonymous said...

I love Freja, she's such a unique beauty.

Great post!