Saturday, January 22, 2011


I felt like a Russian woman in this outfit, which is kind of awesome considering I'm, like, the opposite of that. There were two Russians in one of my classes last semester and they had the coolest way of mixing athletic wear into their everyday looks, not to mention the most toned, dream like bods, that I secretly hope to acquire in keeping this style up.

This track jacket is the only one I own, despite my pretty much living at the gym. You know how much I love contradictory clothing so when I saw this run of the mill track suit top lined with pretty black lace, it was a must purchase moment, especially since it was like 7 bucks. Then there's the camo pants. I love these form fitting, skinny versions; they're a perfect mix of feminine and edge, no? And not to mention, they're freakin' distressed, making them the perfect components to layer floral printed tights under, as shown here, well actually, you can't really see it.


(jacket fallas parades, camos & sunnies f21, adidas shoes)

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