Friday, January 7, 2011

All the Lonely People

Seriously, I've wanted a proper band tee for forever. In the past I've considered purchasing Lynard Skynard or The Whos tees, despite knowing maybe one song each, simply to be a recipient of the cool, effortless vibe that band tees posses. On those days where looking chic is the furthest thing from your mind, a preferably over sized band tee suffices effortlessly as a full on classic look with little to no effort required.

This Beatles tee actually isn't that over sized due to it's baseball tee style but I l adore it because it's versatile, comfy, and's the freakin' Beatles, need I say more? I assume this hat is vintage, I steal it from my boyfriend all the time because it's classic and I think everyone needs a good hat; besides, it makes him look like RUN DMC, which I don't love so much. I got these jeans at F21 (I work there so yes, I shop there way too much) and I loved their rocker-made-easy quality: zebra stripes, zippered seams; all they needed were a few scissored slashes to amp the edgy quality a little louder.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket(omygosh, everything F21, except for the freakin' hat)

..I should probably mention that I no longer have a computer, my bipolar HP finally took it's last breath a couple weeks ago actually (which explains my absence). Ruefully I'm forced to carry around a portable hard drive to pretty much any location with a USB portal and a hard working heater.


Snow Black said...

Can't go wrong with a Beatles tee ! I used to have a ROlling Stones one when I came to London

Amber said...

love your hat!♥

thesydneygirl said...

happy new year lovely!!!! oh my goodnes! how awesome is that tee? you never cease to amaze me with your outfits! x

KANI said...

hahhaa dannie, in my dreams they pay me! but yeah i am completely in love with them, have been searching high and low in australia - but never a single pair like this! can't wait to wear them to the beach now :) if only the weather over here brightened up a bit!


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Laura Sherriffs said...

I love the tights and ripped jeans combo :) and I have a hat just like that! (no rhyme intended!)