Monday, November 15, 2010


For my birthday I had dinner with my closest friends at my favorite sushi restaurant; it was delicious and I ate so many rolls, my stomach could have been Sea World. I am so excited I decided to wear my new Pleaser boots at the last minute, CSN products are always so seamless and just seem to fall right into place with my wardrobe. Speaking of which, as always CSN has beautiful, great quality pieces, and there is a wardrobe armoire I'm pretty sure I must own, perfect for storing new fall pieces.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I'm channeling a Cheetah Girl or some Disney pop star in this sugar covered yet rather risque ensemble. Ah well, I must stay in touch with my youth while I can, its ticking away as we speak. Guess how old I turned!

(jacket, cheetah tube top, cobwebby tights- f21, tutu- hot topic, boots- csn)

..and oh yea, got new wheels for the bday..yippee :)


Laura Sherriffs said...

those boots and tights are AMAZING!!!

and I love your eye makeup :)


Purdey Singleton said...

You look fab! x

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mica said...

happy belated birthday honey! u look awesome, esp that leather jacket of urs... love it! =D


hiven said...

love your boots! x hivennn.

Erika said...

AH! Your tights are divine.
Thank you for the sweet comment :)

style activist

P. said...

love your post!!

Nancie said...

love this, awesome makeup!!

Damsels said...

you look terrific and eye catching. perfect bday outfit. ive neverreally gotten stuffed by sushi .. it always leaves me hungry

thesydneygirl said...

look @ that eyeshadow girl! you're rockin' it! xxx