Sunday, October 10, 2010

If You Lurk You Will Find

Forgive the light weight hooker shorts. A crusty, over the hill aged guy that I suppose thought he was funny felt the unwavering need to make me aware that my shorts were indeed borderline pay-to-play by yelling "How much?" from his little pinto bean vehicle as I made my way into the gas station, surveying the joint for an able bodied male to fill my annoyingly deflated tire with air.

Realistically, these acid wash, stretch denim shorts are amazing, although I doubt they're even real denim, they're so comfy and effortless; to think they were only a little 4$ purchase in San Fran's Buffalo Exchange last summer. Combining them with a basic yet vital v neck made for a perfect pairing that offered a generous amount of style without much effort, and a fair consistency of extremely high temperature relief.

I believe this look to be a prime example of my open/close belief, being that if one body part is being showcased (ie lots of leg, cleavage etc.) then it should be paired with a non exposing piece like boyfriend jeans or an over sized tee. Imagine this look with a tank or crop top; in combination with already up-to-there shorts; people would be expecting to blow more than just my tire.


(tee/boots f21, shorts buffalo exchange, knee highs downtown la boutique)


KANI said...

oh dannie, thankyou for visiting my blog, i must say your hair is beautiful and that necklace is divine!

mica said...

love the shorts!! simple ensemble but still very stylish...

love, mica

duckalicious said...

"How much?", really? what a fucking idiot!

"people would be expecting to blow more than just my tire" :DD

Ashley said...

I love the outfit- you look amazing!



Emma said...

Wowzer, they're tiny! You work them, girl - beaut! x

thesydneygirl said...


thesydneygirl said...

and thank you for wishing me luck on the apartment hunting :) Xxxx