Monday, October 4, 2010

Give Us Free

I Love Leggings (sooo much), I should get that tattooed.

I don't know how politically correct it is, but my leggings often serve as pants. Due to their effortless fit and guaranteed comfortability factor, jeans rarely stand a chance. I curiously ponder whether my being a dancer could play a role in my deep love of latex laden legwear..
(tee&leggings f21, boots timberlands)

Q: Leggings as pants (i.e: paired w. a top that does not cover the derriere) Faux pas or OK?

A: Maybe. Although there are a variety of ways to wear leggings on various body types; in order to adequately pull off leggings in place of actual pants, its best to work with a smaller body frame. The more curvy and voluptuous the body, the sexier the look will appear (being that leggings automatically highlight body shape to the max.) In order to achieve the effortless, waif esque, non chalant almost boy shaped, very slim, even sans curves body type is best because it will draw attention to the whole look rather than highlighting curvaceous hips and thighs.


daisychain said...

those leggings are fierce

Damsels said...

i think you are right about the leggings as pants thing ..

what kind of dance do you do ?

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I love the fact that you are rocking work boots (Timberlands?)with leggings. Dope.

Manuella said...

you have a great style girl!tnx for checking my blog,i hope you`ll be back soon ♥

Rose said...

Hrmmm well usually I think leggings as pants are a big NO, probably because I so often see the wrong people wearing them. I dont mind leggings paired with a top covering the butt.
Buttt saying that, I love this look on you, probably because you have the right body shape for it and youve paired the pieces together so well :)


Anonymous said...

i love the leggins
and the sunnies remind me of the VB ones ;)