Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hold Me Tight, You Move Me

What a pleasent surprise when the bold, eccentric, and not to mention, full priced piece you convinced yourself you'd wear over and over again in order to be at peace with its purchase, turns out to be just as wearable as you talked yourself into believing it would be.


These shorts were bought on a total whim as the I rushed across the floors of Forever 21 trying to find something that showcased my personality for a photoshoot I had the following day. The fact that I was instructed to dress in a self expressive way ironically hindered my ability to do so. I work best in free form, and when given any type of guideline or restriction, I grossly over think every aspect and inadvertedly spend hours changing and rechanging, only to finally settle on my original thought. However, the shorts ended up working perfectly, as I have found myself reaching for them more than a couple times this summer. They look so good with, well, everything; the nuetreuls, the brights, the prints, the lights (yes, I rhymed on purpose).

Although this has been at least my third post featuring these colored denims, I am going to try and squeeze them in one last time before the best season ever bids its farewell, because as wearable as they are, I just don't see them working for fall. I have decided I am going to give them away, yes, once I reach 100 followers I will give these shorts away to a lucky reader, I'm all about sharing the love.


(tee shorts boots all f21)

Also, I'm still hosting a seventy dollar gift certificate giveaway from CSN Stores that you can read more about here. Don't miss out on free stuff because, well, that'd just be dumb.


Rose said...

Ha thats the reason I dont buy expensive stuff, because I usually only end up wearing it once or twice.
But I think your shorts were a perfect choice! they look great on you, I love the colour.


SMASH said...

It's all in the details, I love your mismatched earrings =)


Fashionably Black said...

Grey and pink a perfect together and the black boots add a rebel touch. Love it!