Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 50's Won't Have Me

When the Miu Miu's came out this spring, the ones that lightly resemble Mary Janes, I admired them for about two seconds and moved on because not only would the at least 4 1/2 inch heel cause my already 5'9 height to rival that of a basketball player's, but I just could not drop at least 350$ on footwear; like never. This explains why when I spotted very similar beauties at Forever 21 for hundreds of dollars less, I had to try them on; and once I tried them on and fell in love with their drama yet doll like sweetness, I was sold, or rather, the shoes were sold, to me.

Then last week, my boyfriend and I were heading into CVS for the necessary condiments to accompany our pizza (ranch, peppercinis, horrible I know) and there was a homeless man just outside the door surrounded by the most random items. Amongst various children's books on tape, several issues of National Geographic, and calenders, was a pink poodle backpack. "Ooh, look, look!" I coaxed my boyfriend as we continued into the store. "Three dollars!" the homeless man replied, noticing my overexcited interest. I immediately paused; three dollars is one of my favorite prices! My boyfriend sighed with a knowing grin. Exactly three dollars later we made off with childhood favorite, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, complete with both book and tape, my prized pink poodle, and an extra large poster of a bullfrog that the homeless/sales man decided so generously to throw in.


(dress rave; shoes f21;belt scarf socks sunnies random boutique/vintage)

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The Style Hive said...

Cute shoes! Wahhhh 5'9"? I'm jealous of your height.

thedesertfox said...

You would make Rihanna jealous. Your hair so awesome and so are your shoes

Nadia said...

you really make me want to cut all my hair off just so i can pull off the hair piece! i love it. you pull it off so well!

LaToya said...

Nice outfit. 5'9 here too! Thanks for the blog visit!


My Republic of Fashion said...

I love those shoes so much! Lucky you for nabbing a pair. :)sarahD

Emma said...

Oh my GOD, the shoes! They're gorgeous; make your legs look killer.

Nice bargains, too! ;)

Isabel said...

love the shoes....and i love you got the backpack for $3 lol

Ashley said...

Hey lady!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

LOVE the Miu Miu lookalikes- so cute! Your sunglasses are fab, too. ;)


ediot said...

hi darling! you look so fun in these photos. i wanna borrow your sunnies!
hope youre having a wonderful week'
thanks for stopping by me

xx ediot

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like your haircut alot.
Short hair on women is so sexy.


Britty said...

hi first time at your blog and i love your hair and shoes!

pancakeSTACKER said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those F21 Miu Miu's are definitely a steal! I almost got myself the all black pair, but just didn't know if I could handle that deadly heel, haha. Kudos to you for being able to though! Stop by again sometime soon :)


Vicki said...

love the socks and heels!! i really gotta try this sometime!! :) x

Badley said...

I can't believe those shoes are F21 !! I love that you paired them with the socks :]


Fashionably Black said...

The F21 shoes with the ruffled socks are too cute!


W. said...

wow you`re amazing girl! kisses and i hope you`ll come and visit my blog ,maybe follow it too!