Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Footprints in the Quicksand

My brother went completely fatherish on me when I came stomping down the stairs in what I suppose is a shress (shirt length dress) but, in my opinion, doubled perfectly as a straight up dress when the weather was sooo hot that all should be thankful I even had enough courtesy to don clothing at all. He insisted that my admittedly pretty high hemline gave off the "wrong message" to which I argued that the cut off tights I complemented it with completely dismissed any overly exposed connotations. Despite the sweltering temperature though, the unruly desert winds insisted on making an appearance, turning all attempts of a hairstyle into the exact opposite; not that I minded or anything, being that I'll take any excuse that allows me to rock a beanie and skip out on styling the 'do..not that I ever do my hair anyway.


(shress & knee highs: downtown la, footwear: f21)


mom & son said...

Hello Darling!
You look 10x cuter!
I like the knee highs sheers.
I hope you had a great day!

Amanda Lee said...

i love that dress!! super cute!!


J'Adore Fashion said...

fab outfit! love the tights!xx