Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rise of the American Girl



Amanda Lee said...

i love all the glasses! and the mickeymouse ears!


behindblueeyes said...

Great sets :D
I really like your leggins on second photo
have a nice day <3

joyce. said...

I love sushi and your studded dress!

Sharnae Nicole said...


Thanks for coming to my blog :)
I love me some hello kitty!!!
You look so fun, carefree and crazy I loves it!

&&Thanks for the compliment about my hair! We must share hair stories :)

Tracy said...

you just left me a very nice comment on my blog, and I just looked at yours.....WOW! I absolutely love your style. It's nice knowing that there are wonderfully nice, fashionably daring girls out there.
Your bow is to die for :)

Fuji Files said...

Cute! There were so many good looks to comment on but I'll just start with the first - love your ears! hah, I really want some but it's just not the same buying them from Ebay

xx FujiFiles

Fashion Intel said...

That Minnie Mouse photo is IT! Loving.

i want what she's wearing said...

Thanks for the comment!
That second last shot is very Cory Kennedy, and the sushi is making me hungry!

Erica said...

Loving your style! Thank you for visiting my blog. ; )

Anonymous said...

I am def gg to start hunting for a heart-shaped pocket blazer; so inspired!

Daphne said...

Love this set of pictures- but particularly love the one at the end with the heart necklace, the tank under bustier dress and the bandana- it's like a sassy minnie mouse/rosie the riveter outfit. I DIG.

shoeless simone said...

Cute pictures! That big bow is adorable!

-Shoeless Simone

Personal Injury Lawyers said...

You look amazing good in those leggings..

Anonymous said...

yikes ur hair is a mess