Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've Got the Blues

Cobalt blue, bright blue, Gonzo from the Muppets blue, I prefer to call it electric blue because it just sounds cool; whatever you want to call it, this specific shade of blue has been my favorite color for almost half a year now. I just love its bright, smiley, and bold feel! It can easily be worn day or night (unlike say, yellow?) due to its versatile and always dazzling hue.

P.S: I'm going to start listing the prices of my pieces from now on because I am an adamant believer that true style is priceless. Although I'm a pretty snappy dresser (if I do say so myself ;) ), I honestly spend next to nothing on my clothing and it is important to understand that a great look has nothing to do with the price tag or label; great style and confidence are what creates an awesome look, never how broke you went over purchasing it.



1st Look: Grey bandanna 1$ @ Swap Meet/Sunnies 5$ @ F21/Earrings $1 @ $1 Store/Bagle $1 @ 1$ store/Favorite blue tee 5$ @ Target/Cut Spiderman sweatshirt $9 @ Wal Mart/Grey pants $6 @ F21/Red Chuck Taylors $25 @ Swap Meet)

2nd Look: Sunnies jacked from Mum/Tee 5$ @ Target/Earrings $1 @ 1$ store/Necklace $1 @ Wet Seal/Skirt $5 @ Target/Red slouch boots jacked from Mum


daisychain said...

I'm so in love with the second look

duckalicious said...

electric blue ftw!

HoneyBunny said...

That hue of blue really suits you! That second outfit is my favourite:)

Anonymous said...

you look great, in both looks :) the spider man sweater is great :)

Damsels said...

i love your colorful skirt !
i alwys wonder what your favorite color could be

Paulina said...

I love the second look. You look amazing!


syd vicious said...

I can't get over your style! Adore it!

Viv said...

love your outfits, that spiderman top is pretty awesome!


Jessica said...

i love both looks, those red boots are awesome !!
have a great weekend : )

princesspolitico said...

i've gotta say that i have a major crush on the second look - could that bright/brilliant skirt be more perfect?


iamronel said...

wow you look great..:0

Other blog's

ronelmarin.net said...

so gorgeous..:)

Panda said...

Awesome outfit! I love your bra top thing :-)
Panda xx
Oh and thanks for the lovely comment!

Fé... said...

Yeah, you certainly got the blues, honey!