Friday, April 9, 2010

We'll Play Jacks and Uno Cards

Spring is all about easy, breezy things so when I trekked down to Studio City to meet with American Apparel, a fun tee and elastic waisted acid wash shorts clearly seemed like a cute plus comfy win.

I'm absolutely in love with these shorts and cannot wait to wear them all summer; the fact that they have an elastic waist constitute them as genuine perfection because I did not have to spend my day feeling like a gangster with my pants sagging off my waist every five minutes, as per usual. Plus, although they appear to be denim, the material is a lot softer, making them perfect for lounging or going out. Aaaah, I just looove super wearable clothing!






(worthington blazer, downtown la transformers tee, specs/acid wash shorts from f21, and heels by delicious, bag from anchor blue)



amazing shooting

Walk The Sand said...

Those shorts are awesome, as is the Transformers tee.

Anonymous said...

i love the pop of color you shoes add

Meggstatus said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Damsels said...

the heels are such a stunning color, orangey red .. . they make your skin look dazzling

amalie said...

Nice outfit! Love the shorts and your shoes!

Panda said...

Gorgeous photos and outfit,
and sorry about the late reply to your lovely comment!
Panda. x
P.s -hope your having a great holiday!

Talia said...

the color and the shape of your shoes is amazing! Your legs are gorgeous ;D

Julie said...

gorgeous, mile long legs!!

Zoe_Flood said...

oh this outfit is very put together! I hope that you get the job with them! You would fit right in, and your skin is soooo flawless.

thankyou for your encourgement, its really awesome of you!

I'm not agency represented unfortunatly, but I just do it as more of an art form and for my blog and such. who do you model for?