Saturday, March 20, 2010

I've Got a Feelin'


While I always imagined it would be nice to have a female sib to bum clothes off of, over sized tees swiftly nabbed from the bro's closet make a great substitute.

(we're gonna have a real cool time tonight tee- heritage 81, arm warmers- target, mini shorts- rave, tights- target, heels- delicious, sunnies- vintage)


Indy said...

You are such a rock n roller! I love it!

mom & son said...

Hello, sweetie!
I missed you! How are you?
I hope everything is fine.

I agree with the first commenter, you really rock
in that outfit! I love it!

MiriamFashion said...

whow, cuuuuute, this is very street stylish outfit <3

Emily Troy said...

You look so cooool!!
Oh and thanks for your lovely comment!!

xx Emily

The Owl's Closet said...

what a fun tee! gotta love oversized tops. ure definitely rockin' this outfit:D have a great weekend!

Tee Sea said...

Omg, where can i find a hello kitty comb like yours?!?

stop by my blogs!

Couture said...

Beautiful sunglasses!


ps: thanks for your sweet comment!

fra_zz said...

ehi! many thanks! your photos are very funny and beatiful!

Mina said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Cool outfit! Have a great day darling :)

Faridah said...

awesome look! I love all your fierce poses.

MAR said...

girl, you have amazing legs!! im jelaous (L) rock the blog!!

BL said...

I love the outfit, you look like a rockstar.
nice pics :)


princesspolitico said...

what a cute mini-photoshoot! you are really rockin’ this t-shirt, especially with your tights/shorts combo. go ahead girl! you look fantastic.