Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunnies Size Up


I can't stop thinking about sunnies, I neeeeeeed new ones, like fourteen pair at least, yeesh; that way when I lose the first eight pair in a week, I'll still have a few to choose from. I have the worst luck with sunnies, my gosh! I'll go to Downtown LA and be bowled over at the "3 for 10" deal, amazing selection, buy a billi, and then a month later, maybe even a week later, they're gone, or broken; or like the suuper cool, suuper huge, white pair pictured above: they fall into the toilet bowl at work, with one arm already missing and you're so frustrated that you just audibly growl and leave them there for another feening fashionista to fish out. Ugh, Forever 21 has a great selection right now though, hop on them soon because as I've learned the hard way, pieces at F21: here today/gone tomorrow, straight up.

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duckalicious said...

I'm crazy about sunnies too, I'm always like "I'll just try 'em on", but then I like them too much and end up buying them! damn, I'm running out of storage space :D