Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bad Kitty

The age old question: Can leggings be worn as pants or is it an absolute must for the tush to be covered whilst donning only a single layer of cotton? When I first saw two of my most favorited style icons, Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie wearing leggings with a shirt that grazed no lower than the hip line I was intrigued but decided it could only be done by pencil thin, looks-good-in-everything celebrities. If you've never noticed, I don't wear jeans, I don't really like them. While I will pull on a pair on occasion, leggings serve as my version of jeans 90% of the time. While there are certain guidelines that should be followed when wearing leggings as full on pants, it's a very achievable, effortlessly sexy look that guarantees extreme comfort without the weigh down of denim.

Firstly, in order to wear leggings as pants, it is important to have a smaller, not so evidently sexy frame. Meaning, a woman with voluptuous hips and bodacious booty would cause the look to appear overly sexy; while someone with a smaller, less curvy lower half would bring a needed monotony to the look and the sex appeal would not be so blatant.

Oversized tees, flannels or sweatshirts are best with this look because it brings in an effortless, cute factor; however, a fitted tee can work as well, as long as it is not bursting with sex appeal.

As a whole, the mastering of this look basically comes down to an effortless approach. Thinking more comfy, cozy, and casual rather than hot and sex kittenish will allow for perfect execution, trust me, the sexy thing will creep in there on its own.


(hk tee- hot topic)


Indy said...

You look so awesome! I love the layered tights with the leggings! I hate it when girls wear leggings as pants and you can see their camel-toe full's just like...why?

But I love how you rock yours...deffo bad kitty!

Anonymous said...

those boots are bad ass

Noelle Chantal said...

wow the layered tights is a great idea! plus you rock the boots!! :)