Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Time Lowe

This look completely reminds me of Daisy Lowe for some reason, and as I google imaged her I gasped upon discovering her sweet yet edgy and eccentric style that so closely reminded me of my own. Although I enjoy pretty florals and soft knits just as much as the next girl, I prefer mine with shredded tight accompaniment and grungy Chuck Taylors.

I adore how plaid works so well in an array of different looks. It allows you to be girly, grunge, chic, and sophisticated while brightening your look with a combination of different colors and a fun yet not overbearingly bold pattern. I scored this plaid printed top from the Fashion District of Downtown LA. I love the originality of the piece- its asymmetrical neckline, and super cool button and zipper detailing!

In addition, I'm obsessed with my tutu and plan on accumulating many more in the near future. When I bought it, everyone questioned how much use I would get out of an item rarely seen outside of a ballet recital yet it stands solid as one of my favorite pieces in my entire wardrobe! Soon everyones question changed to when I would stop wearing it, as it has subconsciously began to show up at least once a week in my outfit pairings.

If this post is lacking in any way, it is because I'm running on two hours of sleep thanks to the stressful, nail biting plight that is finals week. Thank God its over, I almost didn't make it! If not for the two liter Diet Coke I ravishly consumed at two in the morning (causing me to believe that their may have been traces of actual coke in there because I was hyper beyond reason) I may not be here, and Oh mah gah, Christmas is less than two weeks away!


(top- downtown la, pearls- claires, tutu- hot topic, pale pink tights- downtown la, shoes- soda)


Anonymous said...

I think you may be giving yourself a bit too much credit, comparing yourself to Daisy Lowe. The top isn't bad, but I would burn those shoes tomorrow if I were you.

Vintage Vixen said...

You look far cooler than Daisy Lowe. Great look.
Thanks for visiting and good luck with your results.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comment!

love the peace earrings! so cute!

Sahakiel said...

You made a cool outfit, I love it!! Oh, my, that top is gorgeous!!

Thanks for your lovely comment!!


Maha M said...

that's such a cool top, and i like the white tights, a lot of people don't like white tights but they make me feel young again haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Meho xx

lilmisszolicious said...

hey darling, thanks for the sweet comment.
I`m in love with your outfit, looks like a dress. What a great idea to wear this tights, so cool

xoxo zola

Alex Dom said...

cute dress!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Hello you sweet Dannie!

Thanks for popping in on my fashion blog and enchanting me with your comment.

I love your 'about me' as well as the style that's breathing thru your funky fashion blog! Tutus are so adorable. I used to be a ballerina and that passion never left me. Now I'm grooving to different tunes but the 'butterfly attitude forever' is still there.

fashion-psyche said...

Lovely top!!! and white bracelet!! :)

fashion westie said...

Who doesn't love a tutu? Cutie outfit!

Kim said...

thanks for the comment:) like the tights

Kim xx

Bucca said...

I am SO in love with that top! the whole look is hot - love your unique style :)
How've you been lady?


cute dress! yes yes, very unique indeed! :D

Talia said...

I love this dress. I haven't seen such amazing one for a long time!