Sunday, August 2, 2009


Summer is and always has been my favorite! As each day turns to the next, I dread the day summer is officially over (not sure exactly which day that is and I don't want to know!) Before you know it, the sun will again settle down and school bells will once again be ringing; the natural euphoria one feels just upon waking up to bright, beautiful, sun shiny days will soon be gone; a definite tragedy in season form. However, being the glass-half-full kinda chick that I so seriously am, I intend on completely indulging in the few weeks of wonderful that I have left.
Summer has been:
Perfect thirst quenching Sonic Route 44 LemonBerry slushes. A newly discovered adoration for San Francisco. Amazing buys of breezy sundresses, long tanks, tie dyed heaven, and various, neato neon pieeces (just to name a few). Blissfully blazing with the bestie. Succulent sushi. Dancing, dancing, dancing! Absolutely adoring short hair! Blasting the AC and attracting stares while jammin' in my car. Ecstatically groovin' to Lil Wayne, Drake, various Reggaeton, Ne-Yo, and Dream. Procrastinating on summer math homework. Remembering and religiously bumpin' Michael Jackson. New, super sic' friends. Falling passionately in love with Lipton's Sparkling Green Tea. Being indescribably infatuated with sugar free Redbull. Laughing until my abs burn while watching The Office DVDs after 12AM. Crazy summer night walk and talks with the favorite cousin. Expanding my Spanish vocab, and remixing lots of my old clothes with new ones to create masterpieces!
Summer Will Be:
Universal City Walk club scene. Six Flags! Beach, beach, beach! Skinny dipping after dark. More sushi! My first American Apparel buy (neeeeeeding this). Vegas! Sunnies shopping spree in Downtown LA. Lil Wayne/Drake concert! Another much needed trip to San Francisco (may come back, but probably won't) and many other magical things that can only take place in the suuuuuper season that is SUMMER ;)))PhotobucketPhotobucket


(cap- claires, earrings- various, mario&luigi top- sears, red tank- rave, brown harem pants- f21, shoes- chuck taylors)


FrouFrouu said...

I love your hurr on you. Fabtastic. <3 Nadiyah xx

DaisyChain said...

amazing tee!

Fashion&Such said...

Your outfit is actually a breath of fresh air! I adore it. & here in the UK it's been freezing & rainy & windy... no summer at all. :(

nookie said...

gorgeous tee

ARANXA. said...

i seriously envy you, who can pull off harem pants and a mario&luigi shirt all in one outfit...only u my darling!

Damsels said...

seriously ? i would kill for that mario bros shirt!

Bucca said...

So fresh love this :) pink is your colour!

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto said...

love your tee darl!
cute =p


So fun look with these Mario Bros shirt! They are so cute!!!!

Great update!