Sunday, March 1, 2009

On My Way ;D

What does one wear to a James Jeans interview for a knowledgeable, hands on, perk abundant internship? Jeans? Uh...because the internship is with a dry aged denim company. But will they be offended if I wear denim that's not their label? I mean, I wouldn't want to don a business, CIA reminiscent power suit that looked all business, so serious, yet not at all fashionable? I decided that I would have to look ready for work, and most importantly- serious about my field of interest.


Forget wearing denim, I haven't worn glitter legwear since the days of slyly teasing the boys at the handball court. GLITTER-it was an obsession, glitter shirt, glitter, jacket, glitter pants, glitter hair bows, glitter nail polish, and of course, body glitter that conveniently tripled as body art and eyeshadow; those days, that and a little strawberry LipSmackers was all the makeup you needed.

Some things never change...


(black blazer-worthington; glitter bootcut pants-zani di, wrap top (turned backwards- Rave) slouch boots- shiek)Photobucket

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