Sunday, January 25, 2009


Me, I'm the creator, thrill is to make it up
The rules I break, got me a place up on the radar
Me, I'm a taker, know what the stakes are
Can't roll it back, it's understood, got to play our cards
-Santagold, Creator
I accidently bought this sweater dress about three sizes too big (xtra large). Upon realizing this, I panicked, not knowing when I would be returning to Ontario Mills Outlet to exchange it. However, being the optimist that I am, I slipped the quilted cotton wonder over my head, mentally crossing my fingers. Much to my surprise and delight-it fit oh sooo comfortably and fell just long enough to evade the requirement of opaque tights or leggings. I love the thick knit and the even thicker, over sized neck! It came with a waist belt but I decided to remove it to create an extremely oversized turtleneck sweater look rather than one of a sweater dress (sooo overdone). Although I've never understood the logic behind heavy knit, cold weather ready garments (esp. turtleneck ones) being created in short sleeve form- for this- it just worked...Photobucket
(turquoise bandanna-dollar store, turtleneck sweater-bitten by sjp, neon hose-la fashion district, turquoise fingerless gloves-hot topic, high top checkerboard vans-vans store, jewelry-claires botique/dollar store)
P.S-Considering I bought this sweater three sizes too big...I can't help but wonder how it was meant to fit...



soooo, material girl



Loveeeee it. wayyyyyy appropriate song too;)